Report Day 1, Monday July, 25 2016
Nakula Sadewa Room, Inna Garuda Hotel


Yogyakarta, 25-28 July 2016

INSARAG Asia Pacific Regional Earthquake Response Exercise was held in Inna Garuda Hotel, Malioboro on Monday, July 25, 2016. The opening ceremony begins with the singing of the Indonesian national anthem by all of the INSARAG participants, and then followed by Gambyong traditional dance.

The opening speech came from Mr. Gatot as the Yogyakarta Special Region representative. In his speech, he was very pleased to have the INSARAG Asia Pacific Regional Earthquake Response Exercise held in Yogyakarta. This exercise would increase the capabilities of community of Search and Rescue Agencies especially in managing with earthquakes disaster. This exercise would also create awareness both for the people and the government in Yogyakarta Special Region in managing and providing relief aid due to earthquakes disaster. Furthermore, the regional government views this exercise as an opportunity for Yogyakarta to become the local representative for Indonesia in the international community.

Mr.Zhao Ming, as the head of INSARAG Asia Pacific Regional added that reflecting from the Banda Aceh tsunami in 2004, Indonesia has demonstrated the ability as a nation capable in dealing with unexpected challenges emerged from such natural disaster.  As a developing country and as a nation that is plagued with natural disaster, it is hoped that through this exercise, Indonesia would like to be ready in managing all kinds of natural disaster.  

Mr.Oliver Lacey Hall, Head of OCHA Indonesia/ASEAN Liaison Officer stated that through this exercise it enables a nation to reinforce its safety lines and relief aid, especially Indonesia. As a nation, Indonesia has to be ready at all times to deal with natural disaster.

Supporting statement arise also from the head of the Indonesia Search and Rescue Agency (BASARNAS), Air Marshall Mr. FHB Soelistyo, he conceded that there is an opportunity to cooperate and coordinate with other nations and continue its commitment for humanity. It is hoped that in the near future this development of readiness will be maintained and developed along with Indonesia’s regional partner and it can also become a valuable experience and an opportunity for collaboration with the regional government that is hit with the natural disaster as a response to the Indonesian people concerning health and safety in the event of a disaster.